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February 29, 2024
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Makeup Favorites Series Pt 3: Face

Photo from Juvia's Place Website

These are my personal favorites, but we have a talented makeup artist crew here by the names of Angie and Laiza!
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Welcome to the third part of the makeup favorites series by Chrissy!

Today’s subject is face products. This one is hard to pick, especially with new faces to the makeup industry! Celebrity makeup brands have really popped off in the last couple years… We have Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty, Ariana Grande’s REM Beauty, Patrick Star’s One Size Makeup. And more indie brands like KimchiChic, Halsey’s about.face, etc. So many to choose from!

The face product that is my current favorite is by a brand named Juvia’s Place. They are well known for their extremely pigmented eyeshadow palettes, and having more shade-inclusive options.

The “I Am Magic Concealer” has been part of my routine for a couple months now. It’s more of a full coverage concealer, but it’s not too thick to where it feels or looks heavy under the eyes. It offers coverage without the cakey look. I would recommend this if you tend to sweat or get oily on your face.

Application tips: I recommend this application for all concealers that you intend to set with powder – Apply the concealer, and lightly blend it 50% of the way. Allow it to dry until the stickiness goes away. Mine takes about 3-5 minutes to dry down (but if you live somewhere humid then you may need to fan it). Continue blending and set as usual. I’ve found that drying down the concealer before setting it makes the finish more skin-like. Also, I get a higher amount of coverage this way, since the product doesn’t sheer out from blending it all while it’s wet.

This is a great trick if you find that you get creasing!

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