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February 15, 2024
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February 29, 2024

Makeup Favorites Series: Part 1 – Eyes

These are my personal favorites, but we have a talented makeup artist crew here by the names of Angie and Laiza!
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My staple makeup product for everyday or nighttime looks – with oily skin and long wear in mind!

The very first product on my list is the KVD Beauty Super Pomade. It’s a vegan 3 in 1 product: eyeliner, shadow, and brow pigment. I love this one mainly for the smudge resistance and it’s hardcore waterproof. Plus, it can behave very feathery and soft, or precise and blunt.

It’s got a great shade range, and I don’t find that certain pigments behave differently, like some products do.

Photos from the KVD Beauty website.

I’ve put this in my waterline, and it was still set in place 10 hours later. If you’re someone where you wear eyeliner or mascara, and your oil or sweat always makes it transfer or run, this is for you. However, I will say that because it’s a pot eyeliner and not a pen or felt tip, it’s going to be a learning curve as far as how the product applies if you aren’t already used to it.
On top of that, it can act as eyebrow pomade as well. Just using a light feathery touch with an angled brush will do the trick. After you’ve shaded in the brow lightly, you can go back with drawing precise hairs if that’s the type of brow you like.

It is one of those products where you absolutely should shut the lid when it’s not in use, or it will dry out. I find that this product’s formula just isn’t the same when it dries out. I’ve tried to rehydrate the product with water, but it gets too muddy and less gel-like.

Until next time!