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May 2, 2024

Product Review: Hourglass Airbrush Concealer

These are my personal tips, but we have a talented makeup artist crew here by the names of Angie and Laiza!
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Coverage: full – no need for color correction.
Consistency: creamy, a little thick, but not heavy.
Longevity: I’ve worn this for around 9-10 hours, and I’ve been in the sun, sweating, and it seems to hold up well. Because I’m oily, I need a little powder after about 5 hours, but that’s typical for me.

I’ve been trying out this concealer for about 2 weeks now, and I feel like I have a good understanding of it. Before, I was using the Juvia’s Place I am Magic Concealer, which I still love, but it wasn’t the amount of coverage I was looking for. Hourglass is definitely if you want to look like you’re wearing makeup. Now, I do have a relatively deep line under my eyes, but this doesn’t settle in them too much. I apply it very lightly, avoiding areas where I know I crease.
If you struggle with creasing under-eyes, I recently found wiping away the excess product in those lines with a q-tip has been working the best for me. Sometimes, the product can be the best thing ever, but skin will be skin. It’s natural for it to move around, get sweaty, crease, etc.

They claim that this is a “blurring airbrush” effect, which I find to be true! It looks very smooth on the skin, especially using a sponge to apply.

Certain shades are available in a mini size, if you’d like to try it before buying the full size.

That’s all for now! See you next time,