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Discover the Magic of Heatless Styling with Oribe’s Heatless Styling Balm

A new release from Oribe strikes again!

This product is from the Alchemy Collection, which is designed to strengthen fragile hair, lock in moisture, and restore elasticity. Because it is strengthening, you’ll notice that your hair has more of an opportunity to grow longer, since it won’t be breaking at the ends.

This product can be used for wavy, curly, and straight styling.

For curly/wavy hair: On your wash day, apply it to damp hair, raking through with your fingers. Style like normal with finger curls/ twist out, etc. Allow it to air dry. The balm will moisturize and define your natural texture, smoothing away frizz. On top of that, curly hair can often be more fragile, and this product will help to strengthen those strands with each use.

For straight hair: Apply onto damp hair, and you can use rollers, pin curls, what have you. Allow it to air dry, and this balm will leave your hair touchable soft, holding your style, and moisturizing all at the same time.

There’s no need for heat tools!

You can pick it up here at The Studio O. We also have samples for a limited time.

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